Latest properties of stainless steel


The properties of stainless steel bearing group can be seen in view of their comparative low carbon steel. In terms of the most common, stainless steel:

High speed forging hardening
Higher viscosity
Hardness and higher reliability
Higher hot strength
Higher corrosion resistant
Durability at temperatures well cheaper
worse from anger (only austenitic steels)

Slow muscles properly carried out and brought them austenitic steels can change pretty universal to have their steel and mechanical steel khac.Cac delays related to the applied careers stainless steel, but also affected by the processing device and method tac.Bang one (Part a). compare their properties of stainless steel.

(1) – the attraction of the magnet to steel bearing. Note, first of magnet steel grade is when Cold worked.

(2) – Volatility is worth mentioning between grades within each group, for example, the marks are not part with less corrosion resistance, and when there is a higher Mo will have a higher resistance

(3) – Measured by toughness or ductility strength at 0 ° C is about. Austenitic stainless steels retain good ductility at room temperature.

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